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Workshop on ‘Flip Class’ and the ‘Adolescent phase’ of a student’s life

Extensive  Workshop on ‘Flip Class’ and the ‘Adolescent  phase’ of a student’s life. On 24th January, 2018,The Doon Girls School hosted a workshop on ‘flip Class’ for all the teaching  faculty  of  SIA and their own academic  staff. The day

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Republic Day Celebration 2018

Freedom in the mind, Strength in the words, Pureness in our blood, Pride in our souls, Zeal in our hearts, Let’s salute our India on Republic Day. 26th of January is a gala day for every Indian. On 26th Jan.

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Havan Ceremony 2018

“O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.” ”Havan” literally means lighting of a sacred fire. The popular belief is that ”havans”

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Founder’s Day 2017

“IMMACULATE REJOICEMENT OF MOMENTS WELL VALUED” The Shigally Hill international Academy once more carried out with full camaraderie its ninth Founders Day function. The Uttarakhand’s Principal Chief Conservator Of Forests, Mr. Sameer Sinha, was the chief guest on the occasion,

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‘Rejoicement on the eventful day of the end of British Imperialism’. “Patriotism”, stands for the feeling of immense pride and respect towards your own country. This term cannot be distinguished much from the term ‘Nationalism’ which implies an identical feeling

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