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ENGLISH STORY TELLING – Tell a tale as big as a whale

To further enhance the confidence of young Shigallians, the much awaited “English Story ” competition was held on 2nd August, 2017. This literary activity provides students a suitable platform for self expression and an opportunity to explore within themselves, their

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INTERHOUSE DEBATE COMPETITION – Exhibiting Impeccable Oratory Skills.

A debate is a formal presentation and opposition of a specific motion i.e. a formal proposal to be discussed. Inter House English Debate was held on 26th July, 2017. Topic for the debate was “Should Parents Let Teens Make Their

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Just A Minute (JAM) is an all round- fun filled event that is primarily about the control of mind over the tongue. The Inter- House Just-A-Minute was held in the school on 17thMay, 2017. The contest was segmented into two

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ICSE & ISC Board Results 2017

Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS! to The Students, Teachers and Parents of SHILGALLY HILL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, DEHRADUN for excelling in ICSE & ISC 2017 Board Result. The Students of Shigally Hill International Academy passed with flying colours securing 100% result in the ICSE

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Swimming Gala splash!!!

What a day for Shigallians ! Congratulations to   Amaltas House  and Deodar House swimmers who were the most successful team. Also! well done to all swimmers and teachers who braved the heat for a morning of, swim fun and games.

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