Councelling by Tvam- Harshit

shigally_collageOn 28.04.2017 Tvam organised a life skills workshop training session in Shigally Hill International Academy. The topics covered during the workshop were – synergy; meaning and significance of responsibility and dynamics of a healthy relationship. TheĀ  students learnt about the concept of synergy and the ‘why’ of inculcating this habit in their life. They realised how the absence of synergy can affect the relationships around them. In the interactive sessions students also learnt that, ‘their life is the product of their choices and not their conditions- that they can choose the way they feel about any situation in their life’. A healthy relationship is based upon Trust, respect, understanding, character and transparency, by the means of interactions students learnt about the importance of these concepts and how they are different from the instincts and feelings.

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