Computer Facility: A Friendly Place

Computer studies are compulsory courses for each student. State-of-the-art computer facilities are available 15 hours of the day. We provide each student with personalized email address and access to Internet. This enables the children to keep in touch with their families and friends. However, arrangements have been put in place to debar the students from visiting inappropriate sites. If caught doing so, the students lose computer privileges for a certain period of time.

Library, Laboratories & Classrooms

Well stocked Library which speak volumes of our commitment to provide quality education. The Laboratories are well equipped and fitted with Smart Board. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with modern furniture.

Classes are limited to 25 students. Small tutorials are the hallmark of our system. Generally speaking, the Academy has a beautiful interior and exterior finish.

All the buildings have marble flooring. Lush landscaping and God’s own handiwork provide a truly utopian setting.

Health Care & Medical Facilities

The school has a well equipped infirmary. A fully qualified nurse is available 24 hours at the campus, and a qualified doctor visits the school twice a week. In all serious cases of sickness and injury, students are taken to an appropriate private hospital. Dehra Dun is well equipped in medical care and a number of specialists in various skills are available in the city.

Smarter with EDUCOMP Smart Classes

Welcome to a revolution that is quietly sweeping across the country. A revolution that is changing the way a child learns and understands concepts. SIA has also joined the league of leading schools that have embraced the world acclaimed technology integrations program for teaching and learning. Smart class promises to make learning a more lively and vibrant experience.

The classrooms have been converted to technology enabled smart classrooms fully equipped with computers and digital technology systems where the teachers stream in the chosen digital module to suit the curricula of the school.

At SIA, technology has become an integral part of a teacher’s life inside the classrooms. The visual phenomenon has indeed helped to crystallize the student’s impression of abstract concepts. This has enhanced teaching methodology and empowered learning. There by making interaction interesting and exciting. Teaching has become more interesting to the teachers and learning easy and enjoyable for the students.

Zee Learn’s Brain Cafe – Robotics

SIA moves in step with the latest global trends possessing the universal outlook. To be at par with the fast moving times, the school introduced the students and the staff to the ‘Brain Cafe’ Robotics academy of Zee Learn Ltd. Regular workshops are being conducted since 6th Feb, 2012. Robotics is a branch of technology which deals with designing and programming of Robots which are primarily automated machines which follow human commands. The workshop aims at making students familiar with fundamental concepts of physics, mechanics, electronics and electronic sensors.

The students will continue to make simple robots as a part of the school activities till each girl from class III onwards has successfully completed 10 robots. The idea is to expose the students to the latest trends in technology.

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