The Shigally dormitory system is designed to give a growing young girl opportunity to develop into a poised young lady. Each room is home for either three girls for the seniors and/or four girls for the juniors. The friendly, stress free environment is specially designed to give girls the opportunity to develop a sense of identity and belonging. Our girls adapt quickly and forge great friendships; learning to be independent and at the same time developing a mutual support system. To be a boarder is very special at SIA and girls who go through the system benefit from this shared experience. Parents can feel confident that their girls are safe, and that they are part of a happy community.

meals at hostelMEALS

Shigally is legendary for the quality of food served in its mess. The emphasis is to ensure that the students receive a well balance diet and yet are happy with the kind of cuisine offered. A menu is prepared monthly and variations are added to it according to the demands of the student body. A mixture of western and Indian cuisine is offered to meet the expectations of the modern child.

The school caters for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  Quality is strictly controlled and ensured by maintaining that this important function is not outsourced to a third party organization.

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