Strong Roots-Parent’s Role

The school makes a concerted effort to build a strong relationship with parents. They are a partners in educating their daughters all the way, so that even if they have send their daughters away to SIA, they have done so knowing that they are constantly in touch and well informed on the development and growth of their daughters. At SIA we fully understand and accept that the authority of the parents must be strengthened and used to make the child work harder. As is in the case of a strong banyan tree which stands tall and strong with roots deeply grounded in the earth; so it is with the human beings who have strong cultural values and families. At SIA our aim is to use the strong cultural and family values to strengthen the character and personality of our girls. In a fast changing environment with many different influences we firmly believe that our girl will only stand tall and strong, confident in the education they have received if they are proud of their cultural affiliations and respectful of their families and society. SIA is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the education of the girls in an environment which brings them closer to their society and culture.

We hold self awareness courses and other counseling services to constantly affirm our message to our girls .

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