INTERHOUSE DEBATE COMPETITION – Exhibiting Impeccable Oratory Skills.

A debate is a formal presentation and opposition of a specific motion i.e. a formal proposal to be discussed.
Inter House English Debate was held on 26th July, 2017. Topic for the debate was “Should Parents Let Teens Make Their Own Decisions”
The contest was well strategized, as each House was represented by two speakers, one expressing her views for the motion, while the other, against it.
The carefully chosen topic debated upon demanded universal concern and was especially applicable in context of our Indian Society and its values.
The judges for the event were the Director, Mrs. Manraj Pallan and the Principal Mrs. K. Jolly. The allotted time period for each delivery being 3 minutes. The contest was chaired by Mrs. Poonam Sood.
The individual positions were as follows:
Tenzin Lhamo:                                                   1st Position
Mrinanka Sengupta Das:                                 2nd Position
Shrima Basniyat:                                               3rd Position

Overall House Tally:
Amaltas House:                                                 1st Position
Gulmohar House:                                             2nd Position
Deodar House:                                                  3rd Position

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