Shigallians participate in ‘Abhisaar’ staged at Mumbai

Play_Mumbai_2017_2330With the noble cause to generate further awareness, fond remembrance and bestow deserving honor to the renowned, leading legendary historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Mirza Galib, Maulana Azad etc. who made commendable contribution and advancement in the field of diverse human endeavors, Padamshri Tom Alter, in close coordination with Mrs.Sharmila Bhartari, an eminent odissi dancer and veteran maestro of classical dance and music, Mr. Bapun Dutta staged “ABHISAAR” written by Rabindra Nath Tagore and directed and choreographed by Mrs.Sharmila Bhartari, under the direct guidance of Mr.Tom Alter, along with the leading budding artists from Shigally hill International Academy, in Mumbai’s Y.B. Chavan Centre, on 18th March, 2017.

The troupe comprising of Nimisha Saikia, Ananya Chauhan,Saachi Arora and Mrinanka Sen Gupta, duly escorted and motivated by Mrs.Megha Chauhan, enthralled all present with the traditional depiction of the legend of ‘ UPAGUPTA’ the disciple of Lord Buddha and ‘VASAV DUTTA ‘, the courtesan . The underlying theme was ‘the eternal and sacrificial love journey of Vasav Dutta and Upagupta ’

Play_Mumbai_2017_2341The legendary story in a nutshell:  It is the month of sravan (savan) and the inhabitants of the city of entire Mathura are engrossed, while celebrating the colorful festival of flowers. During the course of merrymaking, the unaffected and detached ‘Upagupta’ falls in a deep transcendental sleep right at the Mukhya dwar(main gate) of Vrindavan. Unaware, Vasav Dutta trips over the sleeping monk   and instantly falls in love with his handsomely magnetic and enchanting appearance.  On spur of the movement, the captivated courtesan invites the charismatic monk to her residence. However, he refrains from the offer and assures, that only at an opportune time, will he meet her again. After a period of seven months, on reaching a mango grove, Upagupta sees Vasav Dutta severly suffering from the most dreadful disease ‘small pox’. Due to the then prevailing inhuman and unjust norms of the caste –ridden society, the lady was debarred from entering the city of Mathura. The monk carefully nurses the woman back to good health and while caringly and lovingly embracing her, commits for life- long togetherness and divine unionism.

The Shigallians attired in the traditional Bengali dress, accompanied by soothing and complementing background music, impressed the audience on the occasion. The exquisite performance left the entire audience in a transcendental state, while leaving a deep rooted heavenly and divine impact on the mind of the viewers.

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