Shigallians stand up against enslavement

MY FREEDOM DAY: An evolving feathered wing of Shigally Forum for Higher Learning

Initiated by the Director, Mrs. Manraj Pallan, in close coordination with the guide and mentor, Dr Leighton Appleby and the Principal, Mrs. Kamaljeet K. Jolly, “My Freedom Day” was celebrated on 14th March, 2017, in the school’s auditorium.

Following the opening address, the keynote speaker, Dr Leighton Appleby enlightened the gathering with what in actuality, the day meant. Further, he stated that freedom to him meant, being able to travel and visit every nook and corner of the world, without least interference or restrictions imposed. To evoke awareness among the students, he stressed on the fact, that 45 million people are trapped in slavery, out of which 5.5 million are children. The engrossing address was followed by an all comprehensive and captivating video clipping on ‘Cocoa Plantation’ in Ghana, South Africa, where children (ranging from 9 to 13 years old) are forced to work on the harsh fields in extreme climatic conditions, due to unfavorable and pressing circumstances. Deprived of formal education, the suppressed and depressed innocent children are forcibly traffickerd by criminals, who end up earning more than $150 billion per annum, by way of enslaving people.

Thereon, Delegates representing all the four Houses aired their views. Primarily, the underlying theme was anti-slavery and included peaceful, hopeful messages.

At the nearing conclusion of the mind-moving convention, the moderator, who was none other than the Principal herself, voiced her opinion on the pressing issue and further invited students and staff members alike, to share with the audience ‘Whatever freedom most meant to each one of them‘. Mrs.Jolly stressed on her firm belief, that the most important thing is the message we impart, while encouraging people to think about the freedom they may take for granted.

Finally, all assembled in the auditorium, proceeded to an open area in the campus and widely displayed placards as a form of expression that high-lightened human trafficking in a way that raised alarm and awareness in the community.

After the daylong awareness session on ‘My Freedom Day’, a poem titled “FREE! FREE! FREE & FREE” was recited by all present on the occasion.

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