Shigally 4th summit on World Affairs


We, at Shigally Hill International Academy are constantly nurturing higher level thinking skills in Shigallians through various programmes designed to raise awareness, knowledge, and understanding, thereby developing students who are confident and intrinsically motivated to excel in multiple spheres of life. The Shigally Summit on World Affairs is one such major event in the school calendar that brings ideas and inspiration to the Shigally campus through discussions featuring a variety of issues from around the world that enrich the minds of students and our community audience.
Spearheaded by the School’s Director, Mrs. Manraj Pallan, the  4th Shigally Summit on World Affairs -2016 commenced on 9th  December, 2016, with the Junior Forum.  Following the opening speech, an engaging report and presentation on the pressing global issue “Slave Trade” as prevailing in ancient Egypt and modern day America was given by the students of classes V & VI representing each country as delegates. Some interesting questions were put forth to the budding leaders by the chief moderator and amazingly, all were answered with utmost ease and confidence. At the conclusion of the interactive debate, a carefully directed One-Act play revolving around the theme “Slave Trade” was staged by the young delegates, leaving a deep imprint on the mind of the viewers.
To further enhance the knowledge of students, some movies based on real life situations featuring Slave Trade and  Human Trafficking were screened on 10th & 11thDecember, 2016 along with recent debates  and discussions in context with the political ideologies of Democracy, Communism, Capitalism, Constitutional Monarchy.
The main session of the 4th Shigally Summit on World Affairs was recently held from Monday, December 12 to Wednesday, December 14, 2016. The frenzied activity over the course of almost a month finally culminated on the morning of twelfth December when the enthusiastic aspirants from grades VII to IX & XI registered their participation at the conference which commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the Lamp and a welcome note by the student facilitators. The Director of the school, Mrs.Manraj Pallan presided over the conference and officially opened the sessions on both days with a keynote address which was followed by the Moderators’ reports on the given agendas and opening speeches by the Delegates. The student Moderators trained by their mentor and Chairperson Mrs.Manraj Pallan, facilitated the discussion and debate in the most professional manner.

In this fourth session of the conference spanning over three days, the students representing various nations like China, India, Iran, USA, and UK as delegates, converged in the school auditorium to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. From Slave Trade, to Human Trafficking, to the hotly debated political ideologies of Democracy vs. Communism vs. Constitutional Monarchy, the Summit witnessed intensive discussions and diplomatic efforts by student delegates to promote stability and find a peaceful resolution. Delegates from other countries had the opportunity to pose clarifying questions, express support or opposition for strategies, and propose further changes.
The second day of the conference saw longer working hours but the participants were propelled by the thought of the Delegate Dance in the evening. An unexpected crisis unfolded towards the end, which not only caught delegates off guard but also had an unexpected twist. The idea behind this fast-paced crisis simulation was to generate spontaneity and exchange of fresh ideas.
The three day – long conference was filled with a dynamic series of talks by notable keynote speaker Mrs. Manraj Pallan whose  expertise for international affairs provided some critical insight, touching on the complex set of dilemma, noting that today’s challenges are interconnected and no country can tackle the problem alone. The presence of the school’s esteemed mentor Dr. Appleby motivated the students and faculty advisors to give their best. His advice and valuable input on the topics gave necessary impetus to the flow of debate. The Summit was attended by Principal Mrs. Kamaljeet Jolly whose active involvement, feedback and support provided encouragement to the faculty members and students.
Overall, this was an excellent opportunity for the participants, both in terms of gaining knowledge and expertise and learning more about diplomacy and policy making at international level. In the closing remarks, the school’s Director Mrs. Manraj Pallan who also presided over the Summit, appreciated the spirit of the participants and encouraged them to cover more grounds in the future.
The Summit concluded with the Awards ceremony where the efforts of all the delegates were recognized and appreciated with certificates for participation. Student Leaders taking a lead role in discussions and debating the issue at hand in a thoughtful and respectful manner with fellow delegates while maintaining an open mind for alternative viewpoints were awarded specially designed mementos and trophies for outstanding performance.

The Leadership Awards were presented to the delegates at the Summit’s closing event were:
1. Outstanding Delegate award for agenda one i.e., “Human Trafficking” from each country was bagged by Astha Kohli (China), Shrima Basnet (India), Amrita Srivastava (Iran), Saachi Arora (USA), Tenzin Lhamo (UK)
2. Outstanding Delegate awards for agenda two i.e., “Democracy vs. Communism vs. Constitutional Monarchy” from each country was  given to Spalzes Angmo (China), Mrinanka Sengupta Das (India), Taranpreet Kaur (Iran), Saachi Arora (USA), Tenzin Lhamo (UK).
3. Overall Best Delegate award for 1st Agenda was bagged by Shrima Basnet (India) and for the 2nd Agenda, the Overall Best Delegate Award was given to Mrinanka Sengupta Das (India).
4. Honorable Mention was given to Nandini Jha (China), Vrinda Arora (China), Asna Singh (Iran), Ritika Naithani (USA), Mahi Sharma (UK), Tanvi Dhingra (UK).

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