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Spearheaded by the school’s Director, Mrs.Manraj Pallan, the 7th plenary session for Shigally Forum for Higher Learning was conducted on 26th April, 2017. The topic for the spring session was “CLIMATE CHANGE”. On declaration of the forum ‘Open’ by the Director, address and welcome speech,  the Delegates comprising of students from classes 5 and 6 gave an in-depth presentation on ‘Global Warming’. With a vision of creating a broader awareness of the global issue ‘Weather Change’, the related countries covered were, Australia, China, India, South Africa and United States of America. The Moderators of the forum were Dr.Leighton.Appleby, Principal, Mrs.Kamaljeet.K.Jolly and the Chairperson, Mrs.Manraj Pallan. Each of the aforementioned countries were represented by NGO Activists and The Government representatives. The Activists brought to the parliaments notice, the short comings and the pitfalls on the part of the particular nation’s government functioning, while the respondents from the government spoke in defense on the working of the administrative machinery and the suitable sustainable efforts and favorable policies adopted. After carefully listening to both the Activists and the Respondents, each time the chair aired the views on what she felt about the situation and the exact prevailing status of the issue.



At the conclusion of the representations, open debates was held to enable the delegates to reach a suitable compromise and resolve the problem.  The delegates were engaged in intensive debate, deliberation and negotiation to draft resolutions on the pressing global crisis. It definitely set the stage for the high level of debating, discussion and diplomacy. Primarily, the conference was to call upon young minds to understand environmental problems that plague our world and take action for making a positive impact, encourage assuming their roles as youth leaders in the area of earth sciences and finding appropriate solution to some of the problems that persist, while discussing one of the most pressing global issue ‘Climate Change’, its impact, experience dialogue and learn the skills of negotiation in a real life setting.
Finally, the Chairperson shared her opinion and appreciated the students and the faculty members who guided their respective teams, for having worked diligently on the topic by undertaking extensive research and understanding of the prime issue.
In the end a vote of thanks was tabled by the Principal to all those who contributed to any extent towards making the convention a major success in all possible respects. In her concluding address, she stated, that it indeed was a highly educating and enriching experience for all present in the convention hall, during the entire course of the Shigally Forum for Higher Learning.

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