SIA celebrates success with the super passionate and valorous twin soul sisters

SIA_Tashi_Nungshi_2014_7With a view to inspire and motivate the school girls, on 30th September,2014, the Principal invited the ‘Everest-Twins’, Tashi and Nungshi to share their challenging  mountaineering experiences with the young minds.

Tashi and Nungshi are India’s pride, World’s first twin sisters to scale Mount Everest last year. The dynamic climbers who hail from village Anwali of Haryana, at 22 years of age, they have already make India proud by their sixth world records, as first twins to stand together on top of the peaks of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Africa having the soul mission the highest peaks of all the seven continents. At present they are on the verge of scaling the seventh and last remaining summit (Mount Vinson) in Antarctica-mission 2 for 7. Scaling the seventh peak will make them world’s first siblings and first twins to stand on top of every continent, a historic milestone by Indian Women.

At the conclusion of the inspiring and thought provoking afternoon, the students and staff had a lengthy and educative interactive session with the high altitude mountaineers.

The pleasant afternoon ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal who highly appreciated the twin sisters’ incredible journey of persistence, fortitude and ‘never given’ approach and admired their courage and unique contribution to National Prestige world-wide. Also, she stressed that by seeing and personally interacting with young living legends, our Shigallians will be inspired to dream big and achieve their goals.

As a standing policy of the school for a worthy cause, the institution contributed a respectable sum to the young mountaineers to encourage them to fulfill their last mission of scaling the summit of Mount Vinson in Antarctica.

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