Founder – Mr. G.S. Babra

Founding Principal:
Dr. Leighton Appleby an educationist with a wide international exposure whose long association with India brought a wealth of knowledge to SIA. Dr. Appleby though an Australian was more Indian than most and held the values of the Indian Culture in high regard. As such, he laid great emphasis on setting traditions which would mirror the true values of the society that SIA is established in. His expertise in philosophy of education set the school well on its journey to becoming a renowned institution

Vice –Principal:
Ms. Meenakshi Pathania a very able lady with a formidable personality and talent in efficient administration. A true educationist, with the firm principles and high standards, Ms. Pathania worked tirelessly during her tenure to establish high academic standards at SIA.  Shigally will forever be grateful to this very experienced lady for her hard work and dedication.

First Faculty

  1. Mrs. Kamaljeet Jolly
  2. Mr. Dinesh Bhandari
  3. Mrs. Meera Varshney
  4. Mr. Paritosh Bahuguna
  5. Ms. Prachi Nagalia
  6. Ms. Ruchika Oberoi
  7. Mrs. Sangmitra Deb
  8. Mr. Shrikhar Kanhare
  9. Ms. Suchitra Saklani
  10. Mrs. Surjeet Hundal
  11. Mrs. Usha Pannu
  12. Mrs. Veena Gupta

First Administrative Staff

  1. Mr. C.B. Gurung
  2. Ms. Harsimran Kaur
  3. Mr. Pushpender Kumar Gautam
  4. Ms. S. Rawat
  5. Mr. S.S. Pannu
  6. Mr. Umesh Joshi
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