Directions to reach Shigally Hill

There are two ways to reach Shigally Hill International Academy, Dehra Dun.

  1. You drive straight from Clock Tower towards Musoorie. Cross Musoorrie Diversion. After crossing Musoorie Diversion, on to your right will come Malsi Deer Park, keep going. On to your left will be a Handi restaurant and next to it will be a turn. Take that left turn and keep following the road. 6kms from Handi restaurant you will hit Shigally.
  2. Alternatively, opposite Scholars Home there is a lane going towards Johri Gaon. Take that road and keep following it. You will reach a T point, take a right from there. Again you will come to a point where there will a big tree, one road going to your left and one to your right. Take the left turn and drive straight and keep following the signages.Miss the first left, drive straight and take the second left and follow the road and you will reach Shigally.
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