Principal’s Message

Shigally Hill International Academy Dehradun, an exclusive Girls Residential school aims for progressive and quality education. It is our endeavour and  prayer that our students go out into the world with the strength, not only to reach and excel in their professional aspirations, but to remain wonderful human beings.

A school is always a ‘world in miniature’ where one receives a ‘training for life’, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here that we begin to learn our lessons of life – to accept challenges, face competition, defeat and failure, and rejoice at victory and triumph. A dedicated team of teachers  goal driven, versatile, enthusiastic, talented to create hands-on lessons that capture a child’s imagination and breed success; who integrate technology into classroom through the development of thematic units of study, thereby making them life-long learners.

Our motto, “To Greater Heights” captures the essence of our spirit. In our school, children gain an all-round education and achieve their potential not just in the academic field but also in the field of sports and creative arts. The children of the school evolve as well-rounded individuals who have honed their skills in the microcosm of the school and are equipped to lead and inspire in the microcosm of the world. Our school is scaling new heights with excellent and reputed professionals training our children in a range of co-curricular activities like football, basketball, swimming, table tennis and chess to guitar, keyboard, drums, dancing and performing arts.

The school can boast of having one of the most beautiful campus in the country that is clothed with a rich green cover having a large numbers of trees of different species giving a natural birth to the four houses of the school – Amaltas, Deodar, Gulmohar and Rudraksh.

Most importantly, at SIA the child learns a lot from the surrounding environment with a boundary of nature scattered at each step. Merely being in such an environment, breathing unpolluted pure oxygen with the open spaces to walk, run and play; has a profound impact on the child’s overall education. In such an atmosphere learning takes place not only through the head but through the very pores of young skill. It’s a great blessing indeed to be educated and staying in such a campus. The school aspires to turn out of its portraits students who are well steeped in the old age Indian values and who can at the same time move ahead in step with the latest global trends possessing the universal outlook.

The fact must be stressed that the school has a team of dedicated staff – a group of professionals  teacher’s from the diverse backgrounds; each an achiever in his / her own subject having impeccable credentials in society, respected for integrity and commitment; all sharing the mission that every Shigallian deserves quality education.

At SIA it is commonly felt by all the students and staff that “One should prize education for itself and for any ultimate benefit which may result from it”.

- Mrs. Kamaljeet Kaur Jolly

An Educationalist for past 35 years having done her schooling and college from Bangalore. Started her teaching career from Brightlands School, Dehradun where she worked for seven years. Has been holding good posts in Residential schools like GRD Academy, Dehradun, Doon Girls’ and presently heading Shigally Hill International Academy.

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