Workshop on ‘Flip Class’ and the ‘Adolescent phase’ of a student’s life

Extensive  Workshop on ‘Flip Class’ and the ‘Adolescent  phase’ of a student’s life.
On 24th January, 2018,The Doon Girls School hosted a workshop on ‘flip Class’ for all the teaching  faculty  of  SIA and their own academic  staff. The day long workshop  was conducted by  Mrs. Nitya Ram,an eminent  Computer  Science  teacher and Head of the department (retd) of Vast the Valley  School,New Delhi. The whole excersise  provided an international platform  for the  teachers  to create their own interactive lessons,while helping the students, by uploading  videos  of their respective  subjects to be duly followed by engrossing  interactive  sessions in the class rooms, making learning  more palatable and interesting. The methodology  of Education  is changing  all the time, and teachers need help to change their methods  from the teaching of the  many and role learning, to the personalised  learning  of the individual.



Thereon, on the subsequent  day ie 25th January,  2018, an all comprehensive  workshop  on ‘Adolescence ‘was held at SIA  by  a veteran consultant of the particular  decipline, specialising  in all aspects, widely covering  the anatomy  of a teenager’s brain.
At the conclusion  of the two days long workshop, it was jointly felt that implementation  of the concept would lead to effective  classroom  management  and will help in not only developing a conducive working environment  for the faculty members and the  students but will doubly ensure that teaching-learning takes place smoothly  and effectively.

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